Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent…-Miami Real Estate

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent…-Miami Real Estate
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Here are some Highlights:
  • Hiring a Real Estate Professional to buy your dream home, or sell your current house is one of the most 'educated' decisions you can make!
  • A Real Estate Professional has the experience needed to help you through the entire process.
  • Make sure that you hire someone who knows current market conditions & can simply & effectively explain them to you & your family!


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Over 23% Thinking of Selling. Why the Hesitation? | Simplifying The Market

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Over 23% Thinking of Selling. Why the Hesitation? | Simplifying The Market

Last month, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that housing inventory was down 4.7% from the same time last year and that the month’s inventory of homes for sale stood at 4.8 – far below the six months necessary for a normal housing market. Why is there such a shortage of inventory?
The recently released Homeowner Sentiment Survey suggests that the American homeowner may not be fully aware of the opportunities that exist in the current real estate market. The survey, conducted by Edelman Berland for HSF Affiliates, also reports that many homeowners would be placing their home up for sale if they were better informed about today’s market.
Since the housing industry is facing a shortage of housing inventory, the survey’s findings are crucially important.
The survey reported that 23% of current homeowners questioned are considering selling their home, but haven’t yet put it up for sale. That’s almost one out of every four houses. This is the inventory necessary to normalize the balance between “supply & demand” in the current market.
Why are potential sellers hesitating?
The survey shows that 55% of the 23% contemplating selling “would be more likely to put their homes on the market if given more information about the process”. What information do they need?
Here are a few of the challenges that potential sellers perceive to exist according to the survey along with what is actually happening in today’s market:
1. More than half (53%) don’t realize that “the number of homes for sale on the market is lower, giving buyers fewer choices”. As a matter of fact, only 6% of potential sellers believe that listing inventory has recently decreased.
In reality, as we mentioned before, inventory is down from last year.
2. 80% think credit scores make it difficult to get a loan.
In reality, though other studies have shown that many Americans believe that you need a credit score of at least 780 to get a loan when the actual median scores on closed loans are demonstratively lower than that.
3. 76% believe stricter lending requirements make it more difficult to get a mortgage.
In reality, the Mortgage Credit Availability Index shows lending standards have been consistently easing over the last year.
4. 68% think that current homeowners are trapped into their mortgages and are unable to sell their current homes.
In reality, a recent Fannie Mae study revealed that 32% of Americans are dramatically underestimating the current equity in their homes. Many more can afford to make the move they desire.
What’s the answer?
Every family should feel confident when they are buying or selling a home. In order to feel confident they need to truly understand their options and opportunities. HSF Affiliates CEO Gino Blefari put it best when he addressed the findings of the survey:

“Education is essential in today’s market. The stage is set for real estate professionals to connect with consumers, learn their needs and concerns and determine the best way for sellers and buyers to capitalize on the opportunities that exist today.”


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For Sale by Owner Marketing tools; Get results Free with PROFESSIONAL versions of the tools that I use to sell homes, and use the following tips to help you sell your home.
Online Tips
Posting your property online is a great opportunity to get your listing in front of millions of people. Most FSBO websites allow you to write your own property description and upload photos, so you have plenty of space to market your home. However, it’s important to make your property description and photos as effective as possible. Here are valuable tips.
Property Description
  • Headline should be catchy to gain interest (“Like-New Condition,” “Priced to Sell Quickly,” “Area’s Best Schools,” etc.)
  • Keep your copy to-the-point, avoiding overdone narrations filled with emotionally driven descriptions.
  • Stick to the pertinent details such as number of rooms, square footage and tangible features.
  • Highlight remodeled or updated areas that add to the value of the home.
  • Hire a profesional photographer
  • For outside shots, be aware of the weather and daylight and try photographing your home at different times of day to see what light flatters it most.
  • Remove exterior distractions such as cars in the driveway or children’s toys strewn about the lawn.
  • Re-stage interior by removing unnecessary furniture, knickknacks and personal items.
  • Clear up counter space in the kitchen and remove any items you store on top of your refrigerator.
  • Make sure all other rooms are neat and uncluttered.
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Tips for Selling your Miami property!

Home Selling tips by Mansilla Derqui

Home Selling tips by MansillaDerqui